Designer:Reiko Sudo
Material:Cotton, Polyester
Dimensions:53 in.
Made In:Japan

Beige Lace Watch Spring Necklace

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Using a chemical lace process, NUNO in Japan embroiders cotton-blend thread onto a water-soluble based fabric, which is then dissolved away to create this soiled-steel "Watch Spring Strand."

NUNO—which simply means “cloth” in Japanese—is headed by world-renowned textile designer Reiko Sudo who launched the company more than 35 years ago with textile icon Jun’ichi Arai. NUNO seamlessly networks the independent spinners, dyers, and mills that still survive in villages throughout Japan. Combining traditional weaving technologies, with state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing technologies, the special production processes behind each and every one of NUNO’s unique designs rely heavily on the expertise of Japan’s highly-skilled crafts persons and their centuries of accumulated experience.


Works by NUNO are featured in the exhibition Duro Olowu Selects: Works from the Permanent Collectionon view at Cooper Hewitt now through Sunday, August 28 2022.


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