Author:Andreas Skeide
Publisher:TOTO Publishing
Dimensions:8.2 x 5.9 x .8 in.

Behind The Lines: Tyin Tegnestue

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Andreas Skeide's Behind the Lines by TYIN Tegnestue details the lifelong journey of architects Yashar Hanstad and Andreas Gjertsen, following their story from their start as students to their transition into professional architecture.

What began as frustration with monotonous studies and a desire to find meaning ended up in a formative and eventful journey to the far corners of the world for Yashar Hanstad and Andreas Gjertsen. It began as a coincidental meeting at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, which after subsequent months of working together grew into a lasting professional bond. Aspirations towards social sustainability and pragmatic creativity are tantamount for the young architects, outlined here through diverse projects and personal reflections, from an orphanage and attempts at improving slums in Bangkok, to a Sumatran training centre and original projects in Norway.


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