Author:Barbara-Ann Campbell-Lange
Date:September 2016
Dimensions:10.3 x 8.5 x .5 in.
Editor:Peter Gössel

Basic Architecture: Lautner

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This introductory book brings together the most important of John Lautner’s (American, 1911-1994) projects to explore his ingenious use of modern building materials and his bold stylistic repertoire of sweeping rooflines, glass-paneled walls, and steel beams. From commercial buildings to such iconic homes as the Chemosphere, we look at Lautner’s sensitivity to a building’s surroundings and his unique capacity to integrate structures into the Californian landscape. With several of Lautner’s houses now labeled Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments, we’ll also consider the architect’s cultural legacy, as much as his pioneering of a visual paradigm of 1950s optimism, economic growth, and space-age adventure.


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