Designer:Monica Castiglioni
Manufacturer:Monica Castiglioni
Material:Solid bronze
Dimensions:Approx. size 7 (US)

AP Cabo Medi 07 Gemstone Ring

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Rooted in modern design, Milanese designer, Monica Castiglioni, creates stunning wearable sculpture in solid bronze with organic natural forms. Bronze interacts with the skin’s pH and changes its color and appearance which makes the piece unique to everyone.

Monica Castiglioni, daughter of famous Italian designer, Achille Castiglioni, carries on the family legacy with her unique and distinctive designs. Originally from Milan and now based both there and in New York, she is inspired by nature, and its organic forms and textures. Her work represents elemental shapes in their rough and raw beauty, creating stunning pieces that are both vibrant and organic. Materials include river rocks, seashells, pine cones, and precious stones that are incorporated into sculpted bronze and silver. Monica uses slight texture and weathering effects to signify a consciousness of the passing of time. With her choice of materials and naturalistic approach, Monica's designs promote contemplation and meditation.


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