Designer:Russel Wright
Manufacturer:Bauer Pottery
Material:glazed, molded earthenware
Dimensions:8 x 10.5 in
Made In:California, United States

American Modern Pitcher by Russel Wright

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Originally produced by Steubenville Pottery from 1939 until 1959, the American Modern™ collection is this country's original, and most popular, modern style of dinnerware. It is now being produced by Bauer Pottery under the direction of the Russel Wright Design Center. The pitcher is a classic icon of mid-century modern design. With an 80 ounce capacity, this large pitcher will fill most of your needs and be the perfect pitcher for any dining situation.

"Bauer's continued dedication, reputation, and adherence to those original principles that brought Russell and Bauer together in 1946 are refreshingly still existent today,” says Annie Wright, Russel's daughter and President of Russel Wright® Studios.

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