Flat Plate Maxi


Designer Tulya Madra
Material Porcelain
Country United States
Manufacturer Santimetre Studio
Dimensions 15 inch diameter
Flat Plate Maxi by Santimtere Studio is part of the artisanal brand's Anonymous collection. All the pieces in the Anonymous collection are re-appropriated and singularized objects, produced with an awareness of the value of familiar forms, with the intention of creating healing tools for those who use and share them.

Santimetre was founded by Tulya Madre, former furniture and interior designer whose focus shifted to porcelain. Santimetre seeks to produce a series of porcelain objects that tell their own stories. Their table and kitchenware collection is linked strongly to the Santimetre team's personal histories, of the different communities they have lived in and continue to live in, and of the cultures deeply rooted in these geographies and social landscapes. Initially founded in the Aegean Coastal town of Ayvalık in Turkey, Santimetre is now based in New York.