Scholten & Baijings Block Dots Tea Towels


Designer Scholten & Baijings
Material Cotton blend
Manufacturer Hay
Scholten & Baijings has designed Hay a collection of colorful tea towels woven in cotton blend. The designers are known for their bold use of colors and the S&B towels will brighten up any kitchen. The tea towels feature a simple graphic pattern and come in sets of two – one has a vibrant hue and the other one a calmer color palette.

Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings started working together in 2000. Working with major companies such as Hay, Thomas Eyck, and with work included in the regular collections of Centraal Museum Utrecht, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam en Nederlands Textiel Museum Tilburg. Their work explores color with signature palettes, and how the boundaries between applied and autonomous work interact.