SafeWander™ Bed Alarm


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Designer Kenneth Shinozuka
Dimensions 1.2 inches in diameter
The world's first wearable sensor that alerts wandering on your mobile device, SafeWander™ gives you peace of mind. Consisting of a tiny Button Sensor worn by your patient or loved one, a Gateway plugged near his/her bed, and a mobile device App, the SafeWander™ system sends a beeping alert to your mobile device as soon as the sensor detects your patient getting up.

The SafeWander™ is engineered to detect the difference between someone tossing and turning in a bed or chair and that person actually getting up. An alert goes to the caregivers cell phone (activated by a free app) when the person sits up or gets up.

There is a tiny battery that can last 6 months to a year and is easily replaceable. There are no wires or cords and the caregiver can get the alert anywhere. It is easily clipped onto soft clothing without a pin, snap or adhesive and is easily removed, without any damage to clothing.

The SafeWander™ System requires that you have an an Apple mobile device with iOS 8.0 or newer (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Android mobile device (Google Nexus 4/5/6, Samsung Galaxy S 4/5/6, Samsung Note 3, or Android 4.3 BLE devices) and strong WiFi in your home/facility.