Jethro Inflatable

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Discount Price:$12.50

Designer Jeremyville
Manufacturer Jeremyville
Material PVC Plastic
Dimensions 16" Height
Based on Jeremyville's Community Service Announcement message "Walk Happy," Jethro was inspired by his life in New York City, a very walking metropolis. Jethro is a daily reminder in any place to stay light no matter how heavy the day is, and to walk happy even when the pavement of life is cracked.

"Most days I simply walk around the city with my sketchbook, observing people and scenes and drawing them into my world. Walking to me is very meditative, and it feels as if every problem in the world could be solved if we all just took time off, went for a walk together, and talked about it."--Jeremyville

Jeremyville, a New York based artist, began his "Community Service Announcements" as daily online posts, which represent a journey inward and navigate concepts such as love, self-awareness, and personal growth. The project has grown into an ongoing mission to explore what it means to be human through simple imagery and words—to spread tiny ripples of change in others' lives by sharing timeless and universal messages of social and personal transformation.