Ambienta Lamp


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Designer Daniel Pouzet
Manufacturer Sagegreenlife
Material ABS plastic, rock wool, polycarbonate
Dimensions 12" L x 12.5" W x 15"H
Created by French designer and architect, Daniel Pouzet, Ambienta is a multifunctional modern table lamp that, rather than simply being nature inspired design, brings nature into design. Using two types of LEDs, Ambienta lets you choose between warm, bright ambient light and functional grow light. The hydroponic technology inside the lamp is clean, water efficient, and creates a stable environment for the plants. The unique central watering column delivers water directly to the plant root system simply by watering from the top opening.

Horticulturist recommended plant palettes include tropicals, succulents, herbs, and ferns.

The product does not include plants.