Sponge Soap

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Discount Price:$10.00

Material all-natural vegetable-based glycerin, activated charcoal, sea sponge
Country United States
Manufacturer Pelle
A sea sponge dipped into a shallow bath of all-natural vegetable-based glycerine soap. The soap's scent is a blend of sweet rose & warm ginger.

Folly is a line of individually sculpted soaps made for use and decoration inspired by architectural follies and earth-based materials. Using natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, pumice, natural sea sponge, and pure essential oils for fragrance, each soap incorporates a unique ingredient in a composed yet purposeful way.

Folly soaps are designed to be playfully arranged together or separately on a specially cast dish. Folly soaps are handmade in small quantities at PELLE’s Brooklyn-based studio.

Variations in soap may occur.