Cheese Slicer

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Designer Thor Bjørklund
Material Stainless steel, wood
Country Norway
Manufacturer KIOSK
Easily and quickly, the cheese slicer serves perfect sliced cheese to add on to sandwiches or on to other food items.

"Slicing cheese and sitting in the woods. Having a picnic after mushrooming one day. Being natural in nature. Eating butter and cheese on a hard cracker. Could things get any better than this? Look at how the sun reflects off the metal! Shine on you crazy diamond. According to the company, the founder Thor Bjørklund invented the cheese slicer, which has been in continuous production since 1925. When something is good, it's good."

-Alisa Grifo, founder KIOSK

KIOSK was founded by Alisa Grifo and Marco Romeny in November, 2005. KIOSK is a project devoted to showing the world through everyday objects made by independent producers. Everything has been sourced during their travels.