Chai Glass

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Material Glass
Country India
Manufacturer KIOSK
Dimensions 2.5" x 3" H
"In India, certainly, everyone has his or her favorite chai wallah. Likewise, we have our favorite baristas in New York. As I was in one place for the majority of three months in India, I too found my own chai wallah. At first he was guarded and wondered why I, a non-Indian woman of a certain class, was interested in sitting at his chai stand so intent on learning how he made his chai. But, after a month and a half, we became friends and he decided to show me the ropes. His trick was he only used milk (buffalo for that matter), no water, and he added fresh ginger, crushed with the tongs he used to lift his copper chai pot off the burner. A chai glass like this you only find at chai vendors in India. Not to be found in cafes or restaurants. So many foreigners warned me not to eat the street food or drink the chai. One local told me, "How can you trust the chai wallah on the street? That milk could be antifreeze for all you know." Antifreeze is more expensive than milk, was my reply. If you can't eat food on the street when you are in India, stay home. I was not sick a day in three months from the food. The pollution was more the problem! You could almost taste it, and it's not delicious!"

-Alisa Grifo, founder KIOSK

KIOSK was founded by Alisa Grifo and Marco Romeny in November, 2005. KIOSK is a project devoted to showing the world through everyday objects made by independent producers. Everything has been sourced during their travels.