Glass Grater

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Material Glass
Country Romania
Manufacturer KIOSK
"Apples were in abundance throughout all of Romania, as was horseradish, the latter always sold peeled. This glass grater in the shape of a fish produces an excellent ginger, apple, horseradish puree which is exceptionally good blended with a thick yogurt or on top of kefir. The mix can be eaten at breakfast on its own or with any number of entrees. This is one of those kitchen tools that allows creativity to run wild. We nabbed many apples from trees in Romania. In Sweden, they have a word for a person who steals fruit from someones tree - en pallare - but they also have a rule that fruit hanging outside of property bounds is "free for the picking." I wonder if that is where the English expression came from?"

-Alisa Grifo, founder KIOSK

KIOSK was founded by Alisa Grifo and Marco Romeny in November, 2005. KIOSK is a project devoted to showing the world through everyday objects made by independent producers. Everything has been sourced during their travels.