Nebula Metals 2XL LONG


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Designer Lara Knutson
Manufacturer Lara Knutson
Country United States
Date 2013
Microscopic reflective glass beads form to create a light reflective strand. When the necklace hits bright light, it lights up like the reflective part of running sneakers. The Nebula Necklace is designed by Lara Knutson in 2009, this version is made exclusively for us at the Cooper-Hewitt in 2013. Each hand-made necklace will vary in appearance. Available in three lengths: 1XL, 2XL, and 3XL.

Lara Knutson, an Industrial Designer living and working in New York City, earned a master’s degree in Industrial Design and a bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Pratt Institute. She feels that her work is inspired by the interplay of light, space, materials and structure. Lara’s work can be found all over the world.