Best Test Rubber Cement

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Manufacturer Kiosk
Country United States
Material Rubber Cement Glue
Dimensions 4 fl oz
"Oh man, a lot can be said for this product. At age 5, I never quite understood the reason for the deep joy I felt while brushing rubber cement onto my paper collages. I thought I was just into art. High on life and in a über-creative flow, rubber cement loosened up every thought and got the ideas rolling. Pure creativity in action. Comes with the brush in the jar. Good to use on paper as it will not wrinkle the surface and it rubs off easily. In production since 1923, the formula has been reformatted for today's health concerns. Acid-free. That comes later in life."

-Alisa Grifo, founder KIOSK

KIOSK is a store in SoHo opened by Alisa Grifo in November, 2005. The shop stocks products from all over the world, one country at a time. The featured country changes approximately every four to five months. Everything in the store is sourced during her travels.