White Juniper M Lamp


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Designer David Irwin
Manufacturer Juniper
Country United States
Material Powder Coated High-Grade Aluminum
Dimensions 9.0"H x 4.5"W x 6.0"D
A wireless lamp for modern living. It has been said that lamps were the most important invention for miners in the 19th century. Today, we’re each miners in our own way — searching, innovating and changing the world around us. But how do you light the way?

Introducing the M Lamp — Powered by an integrated lithium battery, these simple tools for life and work are cordless and can be transported anywhere within the home, office and in between. It is a light for modern living.

The M Lamp debuts Juniper’s collection of lighting and furniture designed by British designer David Irwin. Inspired by the archetypal miner's lamps of 19th century North East England, David set out to create a contemporary play on the aesthetics and function of these historical icons — referencing the Geordie, Davy and Carbide lamps.