Matchsafe, Black Leather


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Designer Heinrich Vom Hofe
Manufacturer Stoll
Country Germany
Date 1912
Material Stainless Steel, Leather
Dimensions 2.5"x1.75"x.5"
Can I trouble you for a light? Strike anywhere matches are incredibly convenient, but if kept loose in a pocket, they can ignite off of each other. And no one enjoys their pants catching on fire. A matchsafe, also known as a vesta box, protects both you and your matches and is far more durable than a paper matchbook. Like a cigarette case, the vesta keeps your matches dry and undamaged, without forcing you to lug around a large match box.

Designed by Heinrich Vom Hofe in 1912, and handcrafted by Stoll in Germany, this match case is made from stainless steel and won’t tarnish. The leather cover of this match safe was heat bound, rather than glued or stapled, so it’s more durable, and a piece of fine grade sandpaper on the inside of the case provides you with a surface to strike safety matches. Sleek and practical this match holder will keep your matches safe and dry. Measures 2.6”x 1.76” x .6”, and fits most small matches.