Rhinoceros Toy

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Designer Ladislav Sutnar
Material Wood
This hand-made and hand-painted toy rhinoceros is made completely out of wood. It is a modernist spin on the typical rhinoceros, with a simple and clean design. The rhinoceros is painted gray and white, with wheels for feet, and a large horn in the front of its face. This fun piece is the perfect addition to any room.

Ladislav Sutnar was a Czech graphic designer who was a pioneer of information design and information architecture. He greatly benefitted society with his work for business organization, such as developing parenthetical area codes to allow for a user-friendly telephone directory. He also held the position of art director for Sweet's Catalog Service for nearly twenty years. Sutnar conducted many one-man exhibitions, but he is best known for his books, including Controlled Visual Flow: Shape, Line and Color, Package Design: The Force of Visual Selling, and Visual Design in Action: Principles, Purposes. He was a master at composition, form and color, and it is apparent in all aspects of his work.