Big Clip Set of 2

Regular Price:$180.00

Discount Price:$90.00

Designer Arash & Kelly
Material 10 mm Chrome Plated Steel Rod
Manufacturer Memphis Milano
This is a new take on the classic paper clip. What traditionally could only hold papers has now grown in size and can serve as a hook and hanger. ‘Big clip’ is fashioned from a solid 10mm chrome plated steel rod, and measuring 28cm in length. The fasteners can be joined together to create a longer chain which can be strung from the ceiling, or are available with a mounting hole so items can be placed directly on the wall.

Arash and Kelly are design activists with a design studio based in Brighton. Their work is always producing highly unique and thrilling projects, which have a strong sense of cultural narrative and attract people from different walks of life to join together and belong to something special. The studio thinks big and introduces ideas for projects which are about nurturing people and the planet.