Kawa Gold Bowl


Material Porcelain, Gold Glaze
Manufacturer Souda
Individually slip-cast in reusable leather molds, each Kawa Gold Bowl is unique. The leather also creates a beautiful texture on the exterior of each bowl, giving them a very organic feel.

Souda (pronounced "soh-duh") is a Japanese word that roughly translates to "Oh, yeah!" Souda was founded in September, 2012 by recent graduates of Parsons School of Design. Consisting of the collaborative work of Isaac Friedman-Heiman, Shaun Kasperbauer, and Luft Tanaka, Souda designs and manufactures furniture, lighting, and home decor in New York City. With a rich material vocabulary, Souda utilizes a process-driven approach to create objects that are embedded with character. By combining in-house production with components produced by local machinists, woodworkers, and metal shops, Souda's objects are as uniquely expressive as they are well-crafted.