HATCH Hybrid Rollerball Pen


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Designer Karl Zahn
Manufacturer Acme Studio
Country United States
Date 2012
Material Brass
Designed by Karl Zahn (American, 1981-), this roller ball brass pen with hatch pattern in an abstraction of cell structure inspired by the properties of brass to self sterilize. The gradient of the hatch variation can be symbolic of growth or infection, demonstrating organic change. The hatch pattern and layout are also reminiscent of a patchwork quilt. The graphic symbolizes the function of the brass material by stopping infection at a cellular level, while appearing comforting at the same time.

Good Design Award Winner, 2013
German Design Award Winner, 2014

Note: The pen comes with a thin coating of clear lacquer. The coating will wear away over time to expose the raw brass and its antimicrobial qualities.

KARL ZAHN is a freelance product and furniture designer in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. His work examines contemporary materials and historical technologies in an attempt to create modern hybrids that are more applicable, beautiful and sustainable. Problem solving and necessity drive his product design work.