Aubock Letter Opener, 7212

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Designer Carl Aubock
Manufacturer Lichterloh
Date 2012
Material Brass
Dimensions 8.7 inches
In Adolf Loos groundbreaking essay, “Ornament and Crime”, Loos argued that the evolution of a culture is closely tied to the elimination of ornamentation from useful objects, and that forcing craftspeople to produce decorated objects should be a crime, as it ensured that the objects would quickly become obsolete.

This letter opener comes from one of Loos’ friends and contemporaries, fellow Austrian Modernist, Carl Auböck . Designed in the late 1940s, this sleek design of this object still looks modern. Made from polished brass and measuring 9.5”, it exemplifies the elegant sculptural work of Carl Auböck.

Since its founding in the 19th century the Werkstätte Auböck has produced superior metalwork in the 7th district of Vienna. Today the workshop is run by Carl Auböck IV, and it still produces the legendary objects designed by Carl Auböck II.