Wrap Magazine Issue 4


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Author Chris and Polly, and edited by Harry. Hello!
Publisher The Wrap Paper, Ltd.
Date 2012
Country United Kingdom
Cover Paperback
Dimensions 16.5" x 12.25" x .25"
North America is the theme for issue 4 of Wrap Magazine, with superb prints by illustrators from Toronto to Texas and NYC to LA, as well as artists from other countries.

WRAP is a large format illustration and design magazine that launched in 2010 and is run by Chris and Polly, and edited by Harry. Hello!

WRAP is unique – it's a magazine AND a product (wrapping paper) in one. Held together in a hard cover with a large elastic band and no staples, each page has a print on the reverse and is easily pulled out and re-used to wrap gifts.

Wrap Magazine is featured in the Graphic Design: Now in Production show opening May 26, 2012 at Governor's Island in New York City.