Kuntshalle Portikus

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Author Christoph Mackler
Publisher Verlag Niggli
Date 2007
Dimensions 7.7 x 0.4 x 11.1 inches, 65 pages
Situated on an island in the river Main, near Frankfurt's Alte Bruke, Christoph Mackler's Kunsthalle Portikus has become an international architectural sensation. This exhibition hall for contemporary art is part of the redevelopment of the island, including widening the Old Bridge, and new construction guidelines demanded a design which would harmonize with this history of this ancient neighborhood and the medieval houses of Frankfurt that surround it. This slim, beautifully photographed and printed volume, shows how brilliantly Mackler succeeded at building an entirely new design that works within its context. The publication highlights the completion process of the building, including details and drawings, and shows its usage as an exhibition hall. With texts by Mackler, Dieter Bartetzko and Daniel Birnbaum.