Manufacturer:Joseph Joseph
Material:BPA Free

Dial Storage Set

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In the UK and US, the average household throws away anywhere between 25-30% of the food and drink it purchases, mainly due to food spoilage. Keeping track of 'Best Before' and 'Use by' dates is a tricky task and if there is any doubt about a food's condition, it is usually thrown out.

Dial storage, however, offers the perfect solution. Each container in the set comes with a clever contra-rotating dial in the lid, which allows you to clearly date the contents. Simply turn the dial clockwise to set the month and counter-clockwise to set the day.

BPA-free, fridge and freezer safe.
Set of 5 Rectangular includes:
2 x 0.7L (23.7 oz)
2 x 1L (33.8 oz)
1 x 2.4L (81.2 oz)


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