Designer:Toru Yamashita
Manufacturer:Saikai Toki
Material:Kurouchi Finish, Steel Core
Dimensions:6.25 x 2 inches
Made In:Japan

Tosa Sperm Whale Knife

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Utilizing more than seven hundred year-old Tosa knife-making techniques, each charming whale-shaped knife is crafted to perfection by Toru Yamashita in Kochi, Japan, an area known for its whale-watching.

Despite its delightful whale design, this is nevertheless a real knife. Originally commissioned by a mother who was looking for a knife without a sharp tip for her child to use to sharpen pencils, the gentle curves of this knife are pleasing to the eye, and it fits perfectly in hands of any size. Two kinds of metal ore are used in combination in the making of this knife, a high carbon white steel core and "Kurochi" black forged finish. Great attention is give to the hardening and oil-tempering stages of the forging process in order to achieve exceptional sharpness.


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