Designer:Pepe Heykoop
Manufacturer:Pepe Heykoop
Material:Leather remnants, discarded objects

Skin Collection Leather Floor Standing Lamp

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The objects in the Skin Collection responds the waste in furniture industry and utilizes vintage pieces, which are restored and then totally transformed by being covered in pieces of leather leftovers. Hence each item in this collection carries its own unique look.

The waste within the furniture world is due to things like the organic and unstandardized shape of the animal, its scratches, blemishes, scars and differentiation in colors after dying. This project bases off the nature of this leather scrap, translating it into random patterns, referencing cell structures and growth in nature. The cover slowly grows around the object causing the colors to blend together. This hand done process merges discarded objects with a skin made out of waste, breathing new life into these re-purposed objects.

Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop (b. 1984-) work focuses mainly with handwriting and the handmade. He explores new low-tech techniques in his Amsterdam-based studio. It is there that the manufacturing of his unique pieces is developed. Their products are centered around growth and nature. Heykoop is intrigued by the link between design and art, which is based off of his natural tendency to recycle objects.


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