Designer:Marcus Tremonto
Manufacturer:Treluce Studios n.y.c.

A Lite Steak

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This stunning lighting object, A Lite Steak, from the Meat the Future Series by renowned designer Marcus Tremonto, is sold exclusively at SHOP Cooper Hewitt. Handmade in Tremonto's studio from hand-cut electroluminescent panels with applied custom color and vinyl design, its design is a perfect example of Tremonto's visual humor and playful design sense.

Treluce Studio’s work is based on using light as a medium rather than a point source. People are encouraged to interact with the work as they move around it. This light presents a completely different image from each of its sides, a very realistic depiction of a steak from one and a delicate, pink-colored form the other.

A SHOP Cooper Hewitt Exclusive.
Limited Edition of 20.


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