Designer:Taku Shinimoto
Material:Porcelain and Clay Blend
Dimensions:5.5 x 7 inches

Hasami Porcelain Dripper

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The result of a collaboration between SAIKAI and artist Taku Shinomoto, Hasami Porcelain celebrate traditional Japanese form with a minimalist design and beautifully textured natural materials. Using methods of porcelain manufacturing dating back over 400 years, Hasami Porcelain is made from a proprietary blend of clay and crushed stone from the historical village of Hasami in the Nagasaki prefecture of Japan.

Hasami in Nagasaki Prefecture is Japan's leading region for pottery. While traditional techniques and designs continue to be employed to this day, designer Taku Shinimoto has lent his vision to modernize these traditions in order to create innovative tableware. Each product is created with uniform diameters for easy stacking, streamlined storage, and convenient transport, while the tray becomes a lid for a bowl or a plate.


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