Dimensions:6.75 x 1.5 x 4 in.
Age:14 years+
Made In:India

Whistling Sparrow

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This colorful tin toy Partridge actually whistles and tweets while flapping its wings. Just squeeze the tail and the white bellows will create a sweet sound.

Every tin treasure starts as a flat sheet of metal which is printed and cut into separate pieces.  Each piece passes through numerous tooling stations until its final shape is achieved. This labor-intensive process was abandoned in India when plastic molding was developed. Today, these toys have become sought after for serious collectors or those longing for cherished childhood memories.

Moksha is a family run business located in Surat India with a deep history in fair practices. Founder Ramesh Shah believed in supporting their local artists and craftsman, and their families, through educational programs and medical assistance.

Comes in assorted colors.


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