Author:Hélène Druvert
Publisher:Thames & Hudson
Date:February 2020
Dimensions:11.4 x 8.5 x .6 in.
Age:3-5 years

Garden Jungle

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Follow Tom to the edge of his garden, where the grass turns into a lush jungle and a walk turns into an expedition! Tom, a little boy who’s bored, follows a butterfly deeper than he’s ever been in his backyard and discovers uncharted territory. Here, the grass becomes a jungle, the cat turns into a leopard, and the only sounds come from leaves blowing in the wind. But all too soon, it’s time to go back. Tom realizes his house is just behind those shrubs . . . It’s so good to be bored!

This beautiful, colorful storybook is illustrated with laser-cut silhouettes that make the garden come alive. An exciting backyard adventure, Garden Jungle will appeal to children of all ages.


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