Date:April 2017
Dimensions:8 x 6.2 x .5 in.
Age:6-8 years

Birds: Explore Nature with Fun Facts and Activities

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Packed with facts and activities, this is the perfect first book for young explorers curious about nature and want to learn more about birds.
How does a bird make its nest? What do birds eat? Packed with facts and activities, this book has these answers and more and is a perfect introduction to the world of our feathered friends.

With amazing facts about fun topics like flight patterns and the hatching of eggs, Birds lets kids have fun and be innovative as they learn through simple activities like birdwatching and making a bird feeder. It includes information on birds of the sea, woodlands, deserts, tropics, city, and beyond so kids can search the skies wherever they are.

With its natural look and feel and its practical approach to learning, Birds is sure to help little explorers take flight.


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