Manufacturer:Saikai Toki
Material:Paper, cardboard
Dimensions:DA4W 11.69 x 9.055 inches, 
DB4W 14.33 x 10.90 inches, 
DA3W 16.53 x 12.48
Made In:Japan

Ito Bindery Drawing Pad

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Ito Bindery Drawing Pad, 70 Sheets. Ito Bindery’s signature item is its original drawing pad. Each one is carefully made in Tokyo by expert craftsmen using high-quality paper that is made in Japan. The paper comes in five sizes, from the portable A6 to the workshop ready A3. The base is made of sturdy recycled cardboard, so these drawing pads are perfect to take with you and sketch on the go. The bound side is micro-perforated, which allows you to easily tear off the sheets. These simple yet functional drawing pads are popular with designers, artists, architects, and minimalists.


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