Designer:Todd MacAllen, Stephanie Forsythe
Manufacturer:molo design, ltd.
Material:Polyethylene (non-woven), cardboard, magnets
Dimensions:18 x 36 in.
Made In:Canada

Softseat Stool

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The softseat stool is made of polyethylene sheets sandwiched between two white cardboard panels, each with three embedded magnets, that link to form a cylinder shape. Designed by Todd MacAllen and Stephanie Forsythe, it can be easily transported when flat, the stool's polyethylene sheets pop into a circular object when fanned outward. The thin paper is sturdy enough to support weight, yet conforms to a user’s body for comfort. Portable, lightweight, and recyclable, Softseating is a furniture system that is customizable to suit its users’ needs.

Softseat Stool is in Cooper Hewitt's permanent collection.


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