Designer:KARA x Chen Chen & Kai Williams
Manufacturer:KARA x Chen Chen & Kai Williams
Material:Porcelain, leather wallet with steel chain
Dimensions:5.25 x 4.37 x 8 in.

Arm Vase with KARA Bike Wallet

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This is a KARA x Chen Chen & Kai Williams Collaboration. The Arm vase comes with a miniature Bike Wallet inspired by oversized bike locks worn by cyclists around New York City. Comes with a mini dust bag, which can also be worn on the vase. Based on the form of an amphora, this vase has two arms as handles. A companion to our Leg Bowl.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams is a design studio that explores materials and new ways to use them. The studio invents new techniques and materials or diverts common industrial supplies to off-label applications.


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