Designer: Daniera Ter Haar and Christoph Brach
Material:Merino wool, organic cotton
Dimensions:67 x 79 in.

Index Collection Blanket

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Indexing color in the technique of weaving was the departure point of this research. The Index Collection is a series of tea towels and blankets. The total collection consists of three different color series. The 'index' is specially designed to translate the amount of color within each surface, by the usage of squares representing 10% to 100%.

TextielLab at the TextielMuseum in Tilburg, The Netherlands, is a workshop for experimentation with state of the art knitting and weaving technologies. The Lab regularly invites designers working in a variety of disciplines to conduct research using these weaving machines to explore new capabilities.

In 2012, RAW COLOR launched a new research project at TextielLab, focusing on the use of color within weaving techniques. Designers DANIERA TER HAAR and CHRISTOPH BRACH had primarily worked in graphic design and photography before this project and had already initiated a series of experiments with color, including using vegetables to create printing inks and playing with materiality and color. Working with the team at TextielLab, they created a series of tea towels and blankets exploring concepts from graphic design in woven form. In terms of both technology and terminology, there has historically been little overlap between print and weaving. The Index Collection uses a series of boxes similar to the screen keys seen on the sides of printed fabrics, to express the intensity of color in each surface, from 10% to 100%. In the case of weaving, this variation in color intensity is created by altering the weave structure to bring more of the colored yarn to the surface.


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