Designer:Michele Rondelli and Sophie Probst
Material:100% Woven Jacquard New Zealand Wool
Dimensions:55 x 63 inches

Bauhaused 1 Blanket

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This throw celebrates the 100th anniversary of The Bauhaus. The Bauhaus’s influences on 20th century architecture, art and design are many and varied and it remains omnipresent in all kinds of realms and in the most disparate regions of the world. Designed by Michele Rondelli and Sophie Probst as a part of the ZigZagZurich Artist Wool collection.

The ZigZagZurich Artist Wool collection celebrate original art woven with New Zealand wool. ZigZagZurich was born in 2013 in Switzerland with a mission to bring unique home textiles that represent artistic qualities combined with high quality materials.


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