Designer:Kitty van der Mijll Dekker
Material:50% organic cotton, 50% linen
Dimensions:25.9 x 25.1 in.

Bauhaus Glass Cloth

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At a time when drying towels were generally red and blue checked, Kitty van der Mijll Dekker, who studied at the Bauhaus, designed a unique glass cloth in 1935. The design, a collection piece now, was immediately praised by the press. By reissuing the item in a limited edition by TextielMuseum celebrates 100 years of Bauhaus heritage. The cloth is woven in the TextielLab, on a Dornier weaving loom from 1969, also from our collection.

Louisa Catherine (Kitty) van der Mijll Dekker (1908-2004) was a Dutch textile designer. She is known as the person who modernized the tea towel in the Netherlands. Her work is characterized by geometric shapes that differed by the weaving technique used and colors used in the checkered household textiles that was popular around that time. In addition to household textiles, she made floor and wall hangings.


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