Designer:Karl Ulrich
Manufacturer:Belle-V Kitchen
Material:Stainless steel
Dimensions:6.5 in. long

Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop

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Featuring an angled head, the Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop provides ergonomic leverage to easily drive through the hardest ice cream. Each scoop is formed using a die-cast tool, which allows for a single form that is both graceful and strong. Includes a storage pouch and box.

Belle-V was founded by Dr. Karl Ulrich, Vice Dean of Innovation at the Wharton School. He has been collecting ice cream scoops for over twenty years. Over the years, he noticed that many scoops were ergonomically challenged and would work against the natural motion of the wrist. This problem makes it particularly difficult to scoop through frozen ice cream or to reach into the corners of the containers. Karl investigated the redesign of the ice cream scoop in a product development class to find out that by elongating and angling the head of the scoop, it allows for the wrist to stay straight and makes the ice cream scoop more pleasant to use.


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