Designer:Yoshie Watanabe and Ryosuke Uehara
Material:Vinyl (PE, PA, PET)
Dimensions:6 x 3 x 10 in.

Hope Forever Blossoming Vase, Set of 2

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Just add water. That’s the idea behind “Hope Forever Blossoming,” a series of plastic, flat-pack flower vases that arrive flat but expand to vases when filled with water. The graphics further enhance the beauty of the plastic and make it look like a real vase.

The mechanism for the vase is the same as a shampoo refill pack. In fact, that’s exactly where the designers took their inspiration from. While working on a label for a refill pack the designer filled it with water to check the appropriate height of the label. When he came back to his desk someone had left a flower in it.

D-BROS is a Japanese company formed by graphic designers in Tokyo, who strive to develop product design projects with an emphasis on innovative graphic design.

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