Designer:Handmade Industrials
Manufacturer:Handmade Industrials
Dimensions:7 x 7 x 8 in.

Liquid Color Sculpt Vessel

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A series of one-off vessels made from bio-degradable granules. By imposing physical restrictions on a flexible mold, the character of each object comes to life during the production process. Handmade Industrials aims to create objects originated from the symbioses between contemporary materials, innovative processes and human intervention in order to reveal an autonomous identity.

To clean, rinse the vessels with a moist soft cloth and lukewarm water. The water should not be warmer than 40°C/104°F. The interior of the vessel can also be cleaned using a denture cleaning label. The vessels should be kept at room temperature. Above 40°C the objects could react to the heat. Do not store the pieces close to a fireplace, heating system or in direct sunlight. Each vessel includes a soft bag for storage.

Each vessel is unique in shape and appearance. Orders placed online will receive a randomly selected vessel from our assortment.


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