Date:September 2016
Author:B. B. Cronin
Publisher:Viking Books
Dimensions:12.9 x 9.6 x .4 in.
Age:3-7 years

The Lost House

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The fun interactivity of I Spy meets a timeless art style worthy of William Joyce in this innovative debut!

Fall into this award-winning seek-and-find book with its richly timeless style and get swept up in a treasure hunt through Grandad’s wild house.

The children want to go to the park with Grandad, but they can’t leave until they find his lost socks…and his shoes…and even his teeth! Will they ever get out of Grandad’s busy house? With a trove of wonders to discover on every page, this seek and find book will enchant young and old alike as they search for Grandad’s lost objects. Oversized dimensions, a textured paper-over-board die-cut cover, eye-popping color, and elaborately complex spreads on every page make this book a collector's item and a must-have.


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