Date:September 2017
Author:Shannon Hunt
Illustrator:James Gulliver Hancock
Publisher:Kids Can Press
Dimensions:11.4 x 8.8 x .4 in.


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How do you land a rover on Mars, resolve a perpetual traffic jam, or save a herd of caribou from potential extinction? Ask an engineer! Author Shannon Hunt presents nine real-life problems for which engineers designed inventive (and even crazy!) solutions. Each was solved using a different engineering field-- from aerospace and mechanical to the new field of geomatics. A helpful seven-step flowchart of the engineering design process is also featured: define the problem, investigate the requirements, develop solutions, design a prototype, test it, improve it, and share the idea. These steps are highlighted in each chapter with helpful icons that refer back to the flowchart. Sidebars, biographies of the engineers, and fun detailed illustrations by James Gulliver Hancock help flesh out the stories and bring them to life.

This terrific introduction to some fascinating practical engineering applications is sure to inspire the natural engineer in every child. With its emphasis on real-world connections to the math, science, and technology skills applied with critical thinking and creative problem solving, this book is a natural for encouraging STEM education (science, technology, engineering, math). With so many direct curriculum applications for grades three to seven and in following with the guidelines in the Next Generation Science Standards, this book is a perfect resource for classrooms and libraries and anywhere a makerspace is found. Includes a table of contents, glossary, and index.


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