Designer:Irma Boom
Editor:Paola Antonelli
Publisher:The Museum of Modern Art
Date:April 2020
Dimensions:12 x 9.5 x 1 in.

Neri Oxman: Material Ecology

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Throughout her 20-year career, Neri Oxman has invented not only new ideas for materials, buildings, and construction processes, but also new frameworks for interdisciplinary—and interspecies—collaborations. She coined the term "material ecology" to describe her method of producing techniques and objects informed by the structural, systemic, and aesthetic wisdom of nature, from the shells of crustaceans to the flow of human breathing.

Groundbreaking for its solid technological and scientific basis, its rigorous and daring experimentation, its visionary philosophy, and its unquestionable attention to formal elegance, Oxman's work operates at the intersection of biology, engineering, architecture, and artistic design, material science and computer science.

This book—designed by Irma Boom and published to accompany a midcareer retrospective of Oxman's work—highlights the interdisciplinary nature of the designer's practice. It demonstrates how Oxman's contributions allow us to question and redefine the idea of modernism—a concept in constant evolution—and organic design.

Neri Oxman is the recipient of the 2018 National Design Award for Interaction Design. Edited by Paola Antonelli the recipient of the 2006 National Design Award for Design Mind.


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