Date:May 2011
Author:Christian van t Hof, Floortje Daemen, Rinie van Est
Publisher:NAI010 Publishers
Dimensions:9.5 x 6.75 x 0.8 in.

Check In / Check Out: The Public Space as an Internet of Things

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BIn the public domain, ever-greater varieties of digital equipment surround us. Surveillance cameras ensure our safety, antennae and sensors track the speed of our cars, while electronic gates decide who is to be granted access to an increasing number of delimited zones. Following its success in the Netherlands, Check In Check Out is now published in this English-language edition. The book charts this international trend, using case studies in Shanghai, Tokyo, London and Rio de Janeiro, as well as cities in the Netherlands. What are the consequences of an ultra-monitored society? When does the technology aid us and when does it restrict us? Who wields control over the technology? And who sits behind the contraptions that are tracking us? Expert authors tackle these questions and make recommendations for the future. Incorporating digital media into the book's design, tags make it possible to download supplementary information and videos via an Internet-capable mobile device.


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