Manufacturer:Graviky Labs

Exclusive AIR-INK™ 2MM Marker

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In the last few decades, Asia has grown exponentially; but this growth has come at a cost—air pollution. Invented by MIT spinoff Graviky Labs, AIR-INK™ is the first ink made entirely out of air pollution particulate. Graviky invented KAALINK™ capture technology and further started to recycle pollution from several fossil fuel-based emission sources around the world. By using AIR-INK™ you sequester/confine the air pollution as artwork preventing the dumping of particulate matter into air and water. You also replace the need for industrial black pigment which is made by deliberately burning fossil fuels.

Available only at SHOP Cooper Hewitt.

AIR-INK™ is featured in 2019 exhibition Nature—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial.


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