Author:Thomas Heatherwick
Publisher:The Monacelli Press
Date:July, 2015
Dimensions:8 1/4 X 9 5/8 Inches, 640 pp, 800 illustrations

Softcover, Thomas Heatherwick: Making

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*Softcover, Revised and Expanded Edition* The first retrospective publication on the work of award-winning designer Thomas Heatherwick (the subject of a 2012 exhibit at the Victoria and Albert Museum) offers an in-depth look at all aspects of the innovator's creative, design, and manufacturing processes.

Heatherwick is known as one of the greatest innovators of our era, and for the first time, this publication provides an inside look at the creation and development of his projects. It answers the one question always asked of Heatherwick's work: How did he do that?

The book covers the studio's complete output over more than fifteen yearsÑsome 170 projectsÑincluding designs large and small: zippered bags that can be expanded to five times their size, a bridge that rolls open and closed, the in-progress one-million-square-foot mall in Hong Kong and glass bridge in London.


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