Date:September 2004
Author:Kim Hastreiter, David Hershkovits
Publisher:Harper Design
Dimensions:8.5 x 11 x .3 in.

20 Years of Style: The World According to Paper

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For the legions of Paper Magazine fans, and anyone who's interested in where style starts. This stunning portrayal of the last 20 years is a wonderful commemorative look at the life and times of the era. Following introductions and commentary by a virtual who's who of popular culture, 20 Years of Style charts just how style has evolved over the past twenty years, illustrating the huge influence that underground cultures from the worlds of art, music, film, sports and urban street life ultimately have played on mainstream fashion. Laid out by year starting in 1984 and continuing through the present, this star-studded journey cannot be described by words alone.

Adding to this visual feast are essays and commentary from Paper Magazine founders and co-editors Kim Hasreiter and David Hershkovits, as well as celebratory tributes to Paper Magazine from deejay and musicologist Moby, rap icon Fab 5 Freddy, artist/designer Todd Oldham, and style historian Harold Koda.


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