Publisher:Pretsel Publishing
Date:November 2016
Dimensions:11.3 x 9.8 x .6 in.

Brutal London: Construct Your Own Concrete Capital

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In this book, readers can recreate several of London's most renowned Brutalist buildings. Opening with an informative history of the origins and philosophy of Brutalist architecture, the book then focuses on 9 buildings, including the Barbican Estate, Robin Hood Gardens, Balfron Tower, and the National Theatre. The first part of the book looks at each of these buildings' significance, with a short chapter on each, complete with texts and images. The second part of the book consists of a series of 9 push-out and build cardboard models, printed on heavy card stock, that readers can detach and construct with easy-to-follow instructions. At once, fun and informative, this unique book offers a challenging and entertaining approach to architecture.


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